“A company can only motivate others and gain their employee’s support if it has soul.”

steelWerk lives according to this principle and realizes that the outstanding quality of its products is only possible through the hard and tireless work of its highly motivated and reliable employees.

Quality does not happen by chance. At steelWERK, we produce quality outright.

Managing director

Hikmet Altinalan

Hikmet Altinalan

Executive Director
CNC programmerr
Cutting machine operator (lathe and milling machine)

Our lathes

1x Doosan Puma 400 LMB

  • Turning diameter: max.560mm
  • Turning length: 2028mm
  • Rotation speed: 2000 U/min
  • 12-fold revolver
  • Power: 22/30 KW
  • Powerful tools

2x Doosan Puma 250

  • Turning diameter: max.350mm
  • Turning length: 200mm
  • Rotation speed: 2000 U/min

3x Doosan Puma 200

  • Turning diameter: max.200mm
  • Turning length: 150mmn
  • automatic handling

1x Index GU1400

  • Turning diameter: max.350mm
  • Turning length: 1400mm

1x Index GU1000

  • Turning diameter: max.400mm
  • Turning length: 1500mm

1x Index GU600

  • Turning diameter: max.250mm
  • Turning-length: 1500mm

1x Index V300

  • Turning diameter: max.350mm
  • Turning length: 300mm

1x Daewoo QL300

  • Turning diameter: max.300mm
  • Turning length: 250mm

1x EMAG MSC 02/200

  • Turning diameter: max.200mm
  • Turning length: 150mm

1x Schütte ZA 160

  • Turning diameter: max.250mm
  • Turning length: 200mm

Our saws

1x KASTOwin tube A5.0

  • Sawing area: Round: ø530mm
  • Flat: 530x530mm
  • Cutting speed: max.150m/min

1x KASTOspeed C 15.0

  • Sawing area: Round: ø153mm
  • Flat: 155x135mm
  • Cutting speed: max.160m/min

2x Amada HA-400W

  • Sawing area: Round: ø420mm
  • Flat: 415x415mm
  • Cutting area: max.90m/min

1x Amada HA-250W

  • Sawing area: Round: ø250mm
  • Flat: 300x250mm
  • Cutting speed: max.80m/min

Our machining centres


  • movement path: X = 630 mm
  • Y = 400 mm
  • Z = 425 mm U/min

Our measurement unit

1x Zeiss ScanMax

1x Zeiss ScanMax Our ScanMax guarantees absolute precision through constructive quality and patented correction procedures. The ultra-high-precision integral rolling bearings ensure running accuracies well below 1 μm, low friction, zero backlash and maximum rigidity, so we can always provide our customers with the manufacturing precision they desire. Measurement accuracy: 0.001m