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About us

We have been there since the beginning of 2011. Our biggest advantage over our competitors is our competence on both sides. Because we startet our business with one part of the management, coming from the field of "production" and another one, that has had the knowlege of one of our biggest customers today.

Managing Director Hikmet Altinalan worked at the "Vollmerhaus" and within a very short time he became the production manager there, while his ex partner had previously worked as a mechanical engineering technician for many years.

SteelWERK GmbH concentrates entirely on the machining of steel and other metal alloys. Most of our customers work in mechanical and plant engineering. For them, we usually work on turned parts such as flanges, weld-on rings, collars and wear rings for pipes and elbows, which are used, for example, when pumping solids.

In general we produce around 600,000 parts per year.

Our approach


Abbildung Zeichendarstellung

Customised parts


Abbildung Fertigstellung

Cost-efficient and always on time

Quality checks

Abbildung Kontrolle

High measurement accuracy


Abbildung Fertigstellung

Procurement, storage and distribution


Our competence:

CNC-Turning of chuck turned parts

  • Ø30 – Ø560 mm

CNC-Turning of long workpieces

  • up to 2028 mm long

Sawing of

  • round steel Ø530

  • square steels Ø530

CNC-Milling and Drilling