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At present we primarily manufacture flanges, collars and wear resistant Inner rings , in highly diverse designs. These products are used in wear resistant pipelines for solid conveyance to pump concrete or other slurry materials in mines

  • conveyor pipes on truck-mounted concrete pumps
  • conveyor pipes at fix mounted pipeline
  • conveyor pipes in all kinds of mines, like coal, copper or gold mines

Furthermore we are supplying the following products:

  • surface hardened adapter for industrial hoses
  • gear wheel bodies for high performance gearboxes
  • complete machining of silent bloc bushes screening machine
  • machining of miscellaneous casted pieces for various industries

Creation of drawings

We are also able to create the drawings for your products

With the latest version of the 3D CAD-System Solid Edge (version ST3) single components, sub-assemblies and welded assemblies can be drawn rapidly and at low cost.
A 2D-drawing conforming to standards in several views and sections can be generated from the 3D-volume model.

Our Product Range

  • All types of flanges
  • Butt-welded collars
  • Manufacturing of milling work
  • Complete processing of cast parts
  • Complete processing of forging
  • Bending rollers
  • Mandrels and spindles
  • Single or multiple screw threads in all current profiles
  • Gear bodiesr
  • Hydraulic and sanitary units
  • Hose fixtures, fittings
  • Accessories for hydraulic engines and drives
  • Special customised parts (according to the customer’s drawings)

Upon request, we are able to prepare drawings for the components that are to be produced